early tvs

As We all know, Televisions went very mainstream in the 1950s. But, what were some of the earliest forms of televisions? Most Televisions in the 1950s were Tube Televisions. A Tube Television works by projecting color through a giant bulb in the TV. Not alot of people in Modern day use these types of television any more, but they were extremely popular back then. One of the most popular brands of TV in the 60s were manufactured and created by a company called RCA. They are still around today, but aren’t as popular as they were in the 60s.

Here is an example of how a TV works.

Famlies in the 50’s use to gather closely around a TV with a black and white television with HUGE rabbit ears. Today we can spread around the living room/den to watch television up to 50 feet of HD picture. The tv throught out time has given countless number of life changing events. From the J.F.K assassination to the Newtown, tv has been a fast and informational source of news that has changed the way we live.

There were only around 700 channels by 1970, and boy, did that grow a LOT. Today on Modern day DVRs, we have up to 2,000 channels with Verizon, Bright House, and Dish.


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