holidays on television

Ahh, Holidays! One of the biggest money making seasons for television channels all over the world. Most channels put special programs on television, in hopes for them to become American classics. Most don’t, but here is one that did. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Everybody in the World knows that name. The Holiday Favorite aired on December 6, 1964, originally on the NBC television network. It is regarded today as “A Modern Day Classic, and it engulfs us in Holiday Spirit”; Joe Morris of Rushe Middle says. And he is completely right in my eyes, and I am sure most people would think too. Rudolph is about, as taken from iMDB, “A misfit reindeer and his friends look for a place that will accept them.” It truly is a classic tale.

Another Holiday Classic on TV, is the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. “It is an ABSOLUTELY Phenomenal Tale during the Holiday Season!”, says Joe Mastrino of Rushe Middle School. It’s a Wonderful Life, is can be called a Wonderful Movie. Because that is what it really is, a phenomenal film. Holiday specials, old and new, continue to run gathering family’s to the television set from the 1950’s to today. “Every holiday, my family and I always look forward to the new special” said Ian Solie of Rushe Middle school. This time of year is a time to look back, but look back all the 50’s and think, “how did this effect life in America?”


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