statistics of the television

As you know, our topic for this project is on how the television changed America. Here are some statistics show that changed how we live day to day.

Television Facts in the Family Life

99% of households have at least one television set, while only 66% have three of more sets. Althought the average number for TV sets in the an american house is two, the average time spent per day watching TV is only 6 hours, 47 minutes. But the number of hours whatched annully by americans is 250 BILLION.


The average chiled whatches 1,680 minutes per week of television, and the precentage of daycare centers that uses the TV is at 70%. And if you will believe it the average american child spends a jaw droping 600 more hours watching television than in school. ( 1500 hours watching TV, 900 hours in school )

The General Truth of Television

The number of commercaials seen by people by the age of 65 is at 2 million. The total amout of 100 leading advertisers in 1993 was $15 billion. The number of violent acts seen on television by the age of 18 is 200,000,but 8,000 murders were seen on a TV set when the avrage child reaches the end of his/her elementery school career. But how did it come to this point? over time, as our nation has progressed, so has TV sales. When more TV’s are sold, more shows come out. The more shows that are out, the more time we spend watching and wasting time. This is one of the key points of our life altering points in history.

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