the bibliography

Here is a short version of our bibliography:

Primary Sources

“TV Measurement.” N.p… Web. This is also a source of statistics. The Nielsen Company analyses Television studies.

Herr, Norman. “Television & Health.” N.p… Web.  This website is a key source of information on Statistics for the website.

Secondary Sources

“Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV 1964).” N.p… Web. The IMDb web site is a website for information on Movies and Television shows. This is our main source for the Holiday page.

“Television Facts: Firsts In the TV Industry.” N.p… Web. This source provided facts about the first television.

“Television History – The First 75 Years.” N.p… Web. This website is the source we used on the “early TVs” page on the website. The information from this site gave us an inside idea of what it was like when the television came out for the very first time.


How television works. N.d. N.P. Web. <;. This is an image in our website to show how the television works.


World Book. 2006. 19. Chicago, IL: World Book, Inc., 2006. 110-128. Print. – This source was used to contribute information on the Effects on Television. This is an encyclopedia that includes information on the television “boom” of the 1950’s.


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